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Happy Smiles, Happy Kisses, Harmony , Connect People Together

Driven by changing consumer needs and new standards for oral health, we aim to offer consumers a new experience in oral health products.

DentistE Plus White Herbapeutic Nighttime Toothpaste

Super Premium Quality Nighttime Toothpaste with Natural Herbapeutic Extracts for nighttime protection.

  • Confident Morning Breath
  • Reducing Plaque Build Up
  • Natural Cleaning for Healthy Tooth Enamel
  • Promoting Strong and Healthy Gums

Website: www.dentiste-oralcare.com


Dentiste 一吻解千愁 魔力有幾大 Dentiste 愛你不講理 一吻變神奇 Dentiste 試過嗌交唔知點收科 Dentiste' Plus White 牙醫選夜用爽口氣牙膏 (English) Den Couple ENG Dentiste' Plus White 牙醫選夜用爽口氣牙膏 (中文) Dentiste' Plus White 牙醫選夜用爽口氣牙膏

Magic Smile
Magic Smile B1, Natural Herbal Based Teeth Whitening Programme

An innovative Oral Cosmetics Makeover BASED ON JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE to restore teeth back to NATURAL TEETH WHITE BEAUTY consists of:

  • ACTIVATOR: Turbo Boost teeth whitening: Intensive Teeth Whitening Dental Essence
  • RECHARGER: Recharge your smile and continue whitening – Perfect White Teeth Beauty Paste
  • SUPER RECHARGER: Extra recharge your smile and continue whitening – Intense Extra White Teeth Beauty Paste

Website: www.magicsmileb1.com


To Be White
To Be White

The most popular range of Teeth Whitening Products from Japan

Website: www.tbw.jp