• Soft and Happy Feet

Soft and Happy Feet

Our feet are an important part of our body. Everyday we pamper our face with high quality skin care programme. But very often our feet are neglected or even forgotten.

We wish to serve consumers a better and healthier lifestyle with an innovative range of foot care products to treat and prevent calluses and cracked skin or to simply moisturize and spoil your feet leading to super soft and happy feet all year round.

Milky Foot
Milky Foot 3D Intense Exfoliating Foot Pad

Milky Foot is an innovative luxurious at-home pedicure treatment, which removes hardened skin through its intense peeling action after just one application. It removes dead skin cells around cracks and between toes. No effort required. No tiresome foot filing or messy ointments.


Milky Foot X 用家實証 - 的士司機華哥 Milky Foot X 用家實証 - 高級行政人員Tommy Milky Foot x 蝦頭 牛乳之足膜 蝦頭用後感 Milky Foot x 蝦頭 - 牛乳之足膜 蝦頭甩走三十年腳皮 Milky Foot x 蝦頭 - 牛乳之足膜 蝦頭俾自己嚇親 MilkyFoot Rapid Foot Healer 快‧龜裂修護腳療之終極龜裂死皮大對決 MilkyFoot Rapid Foot Healer 快‧龜裂修護腳療之潤走燥、裂阿婆腳! Milky Foot x 蝦頭 - 牛乳之足膜 蝦頭爆甩第一次 Milky Foot 全新立體版 秒殺死皮 人人搶住買 Milky Foot 立體版足膜 各區用家勇試嗌爽! Milky Foot 全新3D版 秒殺死皮 人人搶住買 1min Milky Foot 3D立體版足膜  各區用家勇試嗌爽!